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Spider-Man: 4 bizarre variants of the hero in the comics [LISTA]

Spider-Man gained clones and variants after crossovers and unusual stories in comics

Spider man It has undergone several transformations in the comics. One of the most beloved characters by the public of Marvel won crossovers, unusual stories, as well as several clones and variants.

After successful Spider-Man: No Return Home (2021) and Spider-Man in the Spider-Verse (2018), check out some bizarre clones of the hero in the comics; in spider boy to the superior spider (via CBR).

The Amazing Spider-Boy

In rare crossover between Marvel and A.D, publishers created a mix between young heroes: Spider man and superboy. In addition to the mixed costume, the character had some of the powers of both – such as wall-climbing and super speed.

Jessica Drew

in the saga ultimate, Doctor Octopus created series of clones of Spider man. One of these variants was Jessica Drew, who stood out and won more stories beyond the original arc. In addition to joining the supremes, Drew appeared in the comics Spiderverse.

Ben Reilly

Also part of the clone saga, Ben Reilly was one of the public’s favorite variants in the 1990s. He has all the memories, powers and intentions of Peter parker. Due to the similarity with the original hero, he proved himself worthy of the mantle and gained prominence in other arcs of the stubborn.

superior spider

clone created by Doctor Octopus, superior spider it would not suffer as degeneration and would have the qualities of the hero and the villain himself – intelligence, strength and responsibility, for example. In the comic book series, Otto switched bodies with Peter and took the post of stubborn in San Francisco – a different scenario than the usual New York.

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