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Bridgerton: Charitha Chandran became an actress against her parents’ wishes; understand

In Bridgerton, Charitha Chandran plays Edwina Sharma, sister of Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley)

In bridgerton (2020), Charitha Chandran interprets Edwina Sharmasister of Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley). In an interview with Teen Voguethe actress revealed that she pursued a career in acting against her parents’ wishes.

Chandran she has always been a scholar, and is educated at Oxford with a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. With that, her parents expected her to follow a different career, with greater stability – but the artist chose to be an actress.

“I was always naturally academic. It’s not that they haven’t supported me or haven’t supported acting since I was younger, they didn’t care. Theater was something I loved, and it didn’t affect my studies. They’re happy that I’m happy and proud of what I’ve accomplished, and my choice. I didn’t expect that, it doesn’t mean they aren’t good parents, they just don’t support me,” concluded the actress.

bridgerton season 2

According to the Netflix“the second season of bridgerton follows the story of LordAnthony Bridgerton, viscount and older brother of the family bridgertonand his journey to find a suitable wife.”

In addition to the main cast of the first season, the new episodes of bridgerton will have the actors Simone Ashley (sex education), Charithra Chandran, Shelley Conn, Call Lynch, Rupert Young and Rupert Evans.

Source: Atrevida

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