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Ezra Miller travels aimlessly around the US: Fears of being reloaded by the FBI

A month and a half after the last update, let’s talk Ezra Miller and his continued escape to the United States.

As we previously reported, the long-awaited star The Flash And Amazing Animals currently unavailable, he finds himself in the company of the young activist Tokata Iron Eyes, a story you can delve into specially edited by our Andrea Barone. Miller was indicted by Tokata’s parents in June on allegations of manipulating him from childhood and giving him drugs. The judge of the court where the complaint was filed issued a restraining order and subpoena to the plaintiff, who, upon learning the news, insulted the judge and the police on social media before proceeding to cancel all of his profiles. .

Therefore, the couple is constantly on the move, and the authorities seem to have difficulty determining or predicting their exact position. In the announcement of the subpoena, the girl’s father, Chase the Iron Eyes stated:

Miller keeps moving so we’re stuck in this situation of legal limbo, and can’t intervene. […] They are too volatile. They are avoiding service, and now there is public pressure on them to make a decision, which makes us very concerned about Ezra’s volatile nature.“.

Now thanks to Business Insider that we know the latest update on the status of the actor after almost two months without updates. According to their sources, Miller continues his aimless wanderings carrying at least one gun and wearing a bulletproof vest, now fully convinced that he hasF.B.I and the Ku Klux Klan on his heels.

According to Tokata Iron Eyes himself, Miller’s escape companion, the bulletproof vest is no more than “a fashionable security measure necessary following the attacks and death threats it receives“.

The situation with the actor’s mental state therefore remains increasingly uncertain, but some of Miller’s friends have been in contact with Business Insider Optimism does not seem to shine, so according to some of them he is now heading for a strong departure from reality:

I think Ezra has achieved all this because of his fame, his wealth, his earning potential, his being white and very handsome … It’s really hard to interfere in any way towards someone with so many resources like Ezra … when you are rich and famous people are more likely to say ‘No’ to you. I think these things are really dangerous“.

Another friend of hers, who seems to have lost any kind of connection, instead explains that she no longer recognizes him:

This is the person I regret now… he was always different from his peers, but never in such a frightening way. We were really, really friends. All this is really sad“.

This is just the latest episode that has seen the actor star in non-work events in recent months, including arrests, attempted beatings and aggressive attitudes. Surely his escape won’t last forever, hoping for a peaceful resolution that can be accomplished without another unpredictable headshot.

Source: TheDirect

Source: Red Capes

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