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Before Aquaman 2, Jason Momoa remembers his honest reaction when Zack Snyder offered him the role of the DC hero

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Aquaman suits Jason Momoa well. But let’s be honest here, when the actor was first cast for the role, it was a surprise. At the time, Momoa was best known for the game game of Thrones‘, the ferocious warlord Khal Drogo, making his major league superhero role as King of Atlantis something unexpected. And before the release of the highly anticipated sequel, Momoa recalled his honest reaction when Zack Snyder first offered him the role.

Jason Momoa was cast to play the Aquatic Justice Leaguer in the summer of 2014 to make an appearance in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justicewhen Zack Snyder was planting the seeds of is now defunct “Snyderverse” . After a recent reflection on being DC’s Aquaman, the actor shared this:

When Zack told me he wanted me to play Aquaman, I thought, ‘What? it is like the farthest [from what I thought] he would never do that. Then he put it out and I thought, ‘Why can’t it be someone of Polynesian descent?’

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while talking with GQ magazine , the actor talks about a life that loved water and remembers taking a long bus ride to the Florida Keys to study in a marine biology camp as a child. Also, he said his father was “always in the water” and idolized him and all his uncles and cousins ​​for being surfers. The actor was in the Junior Lifeguard program and had to enroll in the marine biology program at the University of Hawaii before landing his first acting role in Baywatch Hawaii, in which he played a central role for 44 episodes. So, in other words, the role is perfect for him.

Still, neither Jason Momoa nor DC fans could have imagined that he would be the big screen version of the hero. He makes perfect sense in today’s world, as we’ve now seen him own the role and the actor really wears it responsibly. when he’s not turned on James Wan is physically demanding water man tax , the actor often uses his platform to be an ocean activist and fight for the conservation of Mauna Kea, a spiritual sacred site for native Hawaiians. Momoa also said this in the recent interview:

Aquaman is the most derided superhero in the world. But it is amazing to be able to raise awareness of what is happening to our planet. It’s not a story that’s been told over and over, [it’s a] film about what is happening right now, but in a fantasy world.

By becoming Aquaman, Jason Momoa dealt with the constant fish jokes that come with being the hero. But the way the actor played the role certainly made audiences take the DC character more seriously and see him as a formidable member of the Justice League and a major force in the wider DC universe.

Arthur Curry’s next appearance will be in aquaman and the lost kingdomof which it is part upcoming DC movies It will be released in theaters in 2023. The film will once again see Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Dolph Lundgren, Nicole Kidman and many more in its cast. And as we recently learned, Introducing Ben Affleck’s Batman Returns . The sequel will be released on March 17th. Before its release, you can stream the original with an HBO Max subscription.

Source: Cinemablend

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