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‘I had trouble sleeping afterwards’: Martin Scorsese traumatized by this horror film

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Released in US theaters on Friday, September 16, The Pearl, the prequel to X, clearly impressed Martin Scorsese, who expressed his enthusiasm. And his difficulties fall asleep after the session.

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Released in March in the US and expected to hit our cinemas on November 2nd, X is now more than just an acclaimed horror flick across the Atlantic and at the recent Deauville festival. Today is the first part of the trilogy, the second episode of which, a prequel called Pearl, was visible to the American public for several days after passing through Venice.

Still directed by Ti West, who signed the first opus, the feature film counts among its fans Martin Scorsese, who did not hesitate to share his enthusiasm. And his fear: “Ti West’s films have an energy that’s rare these days, fueled by a pure, undiluted love of cinema. You can feel it in every frame.”The father of freedom writes A text which he sent to Pearl’s American producer and distributor A24.

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“The premise of X , performed in a diametrically opposed cinematic register (think ’50s Cinemascope melodrama), Pearl offers 102 minutes of wild, captivating, and deeply—and I emphasize deeply—disturbing. West and his muse and creative partner Mia Goth They know very well. Well, how do we play with their audience… before they stick the knife in the chest and start spinning it.”

Pearl offers 102 wild, fascinating and deeply disturbing minutes

“I was captivated, then disturbed, then so embarrassed I had trouble sleeping afterwards. But I couldn’t stop watching.” Words that could contribute to the film’s influence, as well as paranormal activity, were largely sold on the fact that Steven Spielberg, panicked when the door to his house slammed while he was in front of long shots, stopped watching it until the next day.

Expected in France in a few weeks, X crosses an atmosphere worthy of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre with the porn industry as filming turns into a nightmare in an isolated house deep in Texas in the 1970s. Pearl, on the other hand, tells the story of Mia Goth’s character’s youth and the way her dreams of glamor collide with the reality of her life on a small farm.

Pearl doesn’t have a French release date yet, but that may depend on the results of X, which premieres in time for Halloween on October 31. And then there’s the question of MaXXXine, the third and final installment in the trilogy that A24 just greenlit. So let Martin Scorsese start sleeping.

Just a few weeks before discovering “X” in theaters:

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