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How to Whiten Your Teeth Hollywood Style: Best Home Remedies and Doctor’s Tips

You can get a snow-white smile, like Hollywood stars, not only at the dentist, but also at home. In order for the result not to disappoint, it is important to choose the right care products, as well as to know some tricky life tricks. We are happy to reveal all the secrets to you!

Today on the shelves of stores you can find a huge number of toothpastes and other products with a whitening effect, in the variety of which it is easy to get confused. But how to choose the right paste in order not only to achieve “Hollywood” whiteness, but also not to damage the enamel and the gums, and what risks should you be aware of when resorting to the procedure at home? Complete answers to these and other questions about VOICE home whitening answered by a dental hygienist.

Do not take care! In our articles, we collect the latest scientific data and the opinions of authoritative health experts. But remember: only a doctor can diagnose and prescribe treatment.

How to Choose the Right Homemade Whitening Paste

To keep your smile white and prevent darkening of your teeth, it is important to effectively and efficiently clean the enamel of your teeth. The reasons for the darkening of the enamel can be very different: improper cleaning, smoking, frequent consumption of coffee, tea, red wine.

In this case, toothpastes with a whitening effect come to the rescue, which are important to select according to the recommendations of a hygienist. The specialist collects an anamnesis on the principles of the patient’s life, diet and eating habits, which allows him to understand the individual characteristics of the oral cavity and select an effective paste according to the needs.

If you decide to take this step without the help of a specialist, be sure to read the composition and carefully study the instructions for the frequency of use. In some cases, the frequency of using whitening pastes can be daily for two weeks, sometimes once a week or once every six months. If you feel that after use there is sensitivity, postpone the use of the paste.

An equally important indicator in the selection of effective home care is the RDA index (relative dentin abrasiveness – relative abrasion of dentin), which will tell you about the degree of abrasiveness of toothpaste. The higher the index, the more effectively the paste removes dental plaque. But it is important to understand that this increases the risk of enamel damage.

The most comfortable RDA index for daily oral hygiene is 60-70, most often these are preventive pastes. Bleaching pastes have a higher abrasive index (from 90 to 120), but sometimes it can be lower if bleaching enzymes and oils are in the composition.

Pastes containing papain, bromelain, carbamide peroxide will help restore natural whiteness or prolong the effect of professional whitening.

Plaque from staining products should be removed with abrasive pastes, and with the help of peroxides, the dentin under the enamel should be thinned. Thus, carbamide peroxide is the most effective whitening ingredient. And if the paste at the same time contains various firming and regenerating substances, you will receive not only a whitening effect, but also comprehensive care.

What to look for in the composition of the dough

Before buying home teeth whitening products, carefully study the composition on the package. Here are some ingredients that should reassure you when it comes to pasta.


Calcium is the main element of the skeletal system. This mineral strengthens the teeth and protects them from cavities. Calcium paste is able to eliminate caries at the initial stage and prevent its development. For the remineralization of enamel, fluorine and calcium are equally important, but in combination they form an insoluble salt and neutralize the action of each other. To avoid this effect, alternate pastes with calcium and fluorine and make sure that there are no fluorine and calcium compounds in the same paste at the same time.

Carbamide peroxide

It is an organic hydrogen compound. The most powerful and effective enamel whitening product without damaging it.


They contribute to the mineralization of the enamel, prevent the appearance of dental plaque and tartar, and also slow the growth of pathogenic bacteria responsible for cavities and bad breath.

zinc citrate

It is an antiseptic that blocks the growth of bacteria and the hardening of minerals that form tartar.


Xylitol is one of the most effective natural ingredients for caries protection. It actively fights bacteria, restores enamel and increases its strength, and also moisturizes the oral cavity.

Enzymes (papain, bromelain)

Natural enzymes lighten enamel naturally. They give a more delicate and weaker whitening effect than peroxides.

What exactly should not be in the composition of the dough

And the presence of these ingredients in the composition of the paste for home teeth whitening should, on the contrary, alert you.


Thanks to these sulfates, the dough foams – the more of them, the more magnificent the foam. However, with frequent use of paste with SLS / SLES, the protective barrier of the oral mucosa is destroyed, dryness and even allergies appear.

Triclosan and triclogard

These are potent antibiotics that negatively affect the immune system and the microflora of the oral cavity, including killing beneficial bacteria.

Calcium carbonate

It is included in inexpensive pastes as an abrasive. Why is calcium carbonate so bad? It leaves scratches on the enamel, breaks its structure and contributes to the formation of the first stages of caries – white spots.

How to avoid problems when bleaching at home

To completely eliminate the hassle that can occur with home teeth whitening, it’s important to use a proven, high-quality whitening system that has safety certifications and clinical studies.

Sometimes with home bleaching, which is prescribed by a dental hygienist, stains appear on the teeth. Don’t be afraid – it’s normal. In order to avoid such cases, an additional composition with minerals for enamel is released.

It is important to note that if all the recommendations are followed, home whitening does not harm the gums or the teeth. Before the procedure, the doctor conducts a thorough preparation and disinfects the oral cavity. This allows you to choose a delicate and effective bleaching system without negative consequences.

Source: The Voice Mag

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