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Bad Bunny and the News His Fans Never Wanted to Hear

It’s at the top. But he wants, precisely, to stop. Yes, Bad Bunny has announced that he isn’t ruling out taking a long hiatus from music in 2023. Is he retiring? Y…

In one of the last interviews he gave, the Bad Bad Rabbit was asked what his plans were for the coming year. And his response left everyone speechless.

2023 is for me, for my physical health, for my emotional health, for breathing, for enjoying accomplishments. Let’s celebrate it. Let’s go, let’s go. Let’s go to the boat. Let’s go in the water,” warned the Puerto Rican.

And when asked if that meant stopping his career, he returned to the same idea: “2023 is for me. He will study, record, but no pressure. Remember, you bastard, you hit hard with balls.”

His words of course resonated in the ears of his fanswho quickly came out to implore him not to leave them without his music.

Bad Bunny has become a worldwide phenomenon. And the proof of this is the success he has just had with “World’s Hottest Tour”, the tour that took him to the four corners of the planet and which now, it seems, has decided him to do a long pause.

Source: Qmusica

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