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Seven Kayne closed the year by dancing the Great Rex

Seven Kayne debuted with an incredible show at the Teatro Gran Rexto celebrate its big year, with a mega staging and with guests like Airbag, Khea, Bhavi, Luck Ra and more.

There’s no doubt that 2022 has been a pivotal year for Seven Kayne, who’s had her first major tour, played numerous festivals across the country, lots of new music like “7 Secretos” (her most recent EP) and the search for new sounds between rock-pop.

And all this couldn’t help but have a great party, that’s why he came to Avenida Corrientes for the first time to assemble a real party at the Gran Rex Theatre.

They were altogether 26 songs that have gone through his entire career since the release of “If you hurt”, which celebrated the five years of its release, which was the kickoff of the success.

The opening was entrusted to his friend Lautaro López, who made the public euphoric, for the arrival of Seven, who started his show with “Ordene mi cuarto”.

Luck Ra was the first guest to take the stage for “Ya no quiero más”, the song they released together in 2018. Khea accompanied him on “Dame Love” and “Buenos Aires”, where Bhavi performed it. also joined.

Patricio Sardelli, from Airbag, joined “Lento” and they also performed together “La partida de la gitana”, a hit by the Sardelli brothers’ band.

For the end of the show, there was the highly anticipated Bizarrap Session and “Si Te Lasttime”, where they celebrated their fifth anniversary.

Source: Qmusica

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