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EntertainmentZoe Terakes comments on the importance of being Marvel’s first trans actorCasted for the cast of the Ironheart series, the 22-year-old actor defended that the place of trans artists is not only in tragic storiessontern at 19:00

Chosen for the cast of the Ironheart series, the 22-year-old actor defended that the place of trans artists is not only in tragic stories

In August 2022, the Marvel confirmed the lineup of Zoe Terakes for the cast of the series ironheartof disney+. First trans male actor Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU), so he commented on the announcement in a recent interview with collider.

Australian native, zoe spoke openly about his gender when he was 19, claiming to identify as non-binary and trans male. Since then, he has starred in the series wentworth and in the movies Ellie & Abbie, The End, Nine Perfect Strangers It is Talk to me. The series ironhearthowever, represents a new chapter in the actor’s life.

I think as a trans person, I didn’t see myself anywhere growing up, so I didn’t really know it existed. Especially not in superhero movies and shows,” he explained. zoe. “So I feel deeply grateful that trans kids and teens now have where to look and know that they exist, know that they can have superpowers and that this is where we belong.”

Making it clear that the opportunity “meant a lot” for his career, zoe defended that the place of transsexual characters and artists is not only in sad stories. “We don’t just belong in the trauma stories, on the sidelines, dying in the narratives, you know? Our place is with the great heroes,” said the actor.

It is interesting to point out that, while the first phases of the MCU did not have a great diversity on screens, the studio has sought greater representation for Phase 4 of the universe. Examples of this are phastosthe MCU’s first openly gay hero, and Makkarithe first heroine with a hearing impairment, both from the feature eternal (2021).

In addition to the important escalation of Zoe Terakes, ironheart will also feature Shea CouleeAmerican drag queen winner of the RuPaul’s Drag Race, in your roster. For now, no further details have been revealed about the series created by Chinaka Hodgebut it is known that the plot should debut in the disney+ still in 2023.

Source: Rollingstone

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