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Entertainment4 essential comics for the new phase of DC, according to James Gunn [LISTA]DC’s new phase includes movies, series, games and animations connectedtoday at 10:04

DC’s new phase includes connected films, series, games and animations

After much waiting, dc studioscommanded by James Gunn It is Peter Safranrevealed the first films and series that will be released in the coming years, with characters like batman, robin, supergirl, Super man, Swamp monster, Golden Booster and much more.

A few days after the announcement, Gunn go to twitter reveal which comics will be used as the basis for these productions. “That doesn’t mean we’re adapting all of these comics, but that the feel, look or tone of them are the cornerstones for our team,” said the filmmaker.

See, below, four essential comics for the new phase of A.D in audiovisual, which will cover movies, TV series, animations and even games:

Batman by Grant Morrison Omnibus Vol. 1

This story begins with the introduction of Damian Wayne, robin who is the biological son of Bruce Wayne. Then, batman and a group of heroes around the world face off against a murderer on a mysterious island, and the hero relives an adventure in the young man’s life. bruce: the hunt for her parents’ killer.

Cover of Batman by Grant Morrison Omnibus Vol.  1

Great Stars: Superman

When performing rescue from a manned mission to the Sun, Superman is exposed to solar radiation and sees himself with his days numbered, about to die, but Lex Luthor reveals his plan to dominate the world, and the hero needs to stop him.

Cover of Great Stars: Superman

The Authority Omnibus

The group The Authority is formed by powerful super beings that face several threats to the Earth, but they protect human beings with a cold and ruthless vision of justice. In this story, they face an alien invasion from a Earth alternative.

Cover of The Authority

Absolute Swamp Thing

Before creating the groundbreaking comic watchmen, Alan Moore debuted in US comics with the revitalization of the Swamp monster. Absolute Swamp Thing brings together classic and critically acclaimed stories of the character.

Cover of Absolute Swamp Thing

Bonus: Supergirl: The Woman Of Tomorrow

Supergirl: The Woman Of Tomorrow it wasn’t in the post that James Gunn did not twitter, but the filmmaker has already confirmed how the HQ will be adapted in the character’s film, which should bear the same name. Read the synopsis below:

Kara Zor-El has had many epic adventures over the years, but today she believes herself to be without purpose. Wherever she wants to go, people only see her as Superman’s cousin. Until everything changes, when an alien girl seeks her out on a mission of revenge against the villains who exterminated her planet.

Cover of Supergirl: Tomorrow's Woman

Source: Rollingstone

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