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Daniel Alves Jail: Understanding why an item can help exonerate or convict the player

Daniel Alves has been in prison for two weeks, and in the meantime both the defense and the prosecution use the same argument for and against the footballer

A prison of Daniele Alves complete 14 days this friday (3) ea pair of sneakers can both help complicate the full-back’s situation and help in his defence. OR player arrested on rape charges against a 23-year-old girl – whose identity remains secret – on December 30 in a nightclub in Spain.

From prison and after presenting three versions to the prosecutionDaniel has already lost his contract with Pumas, from Mexico, and he saw Rumors of an end to the marriage with model Joana Sanz arise. Behind bars, she attracted the attention of other inmates by playing ball and made a request to prison officials.

On the other hand, he complied with local rules, such as use of approximately BRL 500 for the purchase of items to be used inside the prison. Already this Friday, new testimonials will be collected, for example from club employees.

Daniel Alves prison: why can tennis help the player’s situation?

Tennis could be the key element in the case of rape charges against the Brazilian national team, as the shoe appears in the reflection of a mirror in the bathroom of the disco. Although the shoes appear in the images of the plant’s safety circuit, Daniel Alves is not seen. Here begins the battle between defense and prosecution.

The fullbacks will try to demonstrate that the player entered the bathroom first and, two minutes later, the youngster. And that she acted of her own free will, i.e. Daniel would not involve the complainant in what …

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