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EntertainmentWhy does Dolly Parton always refuse to be a judge on American Idol and The Voice? Even though she doesn’t like being a judge, Dolly Parton was a mentor on American Idol and The Voicetoday at 11:25

Even if she doesn’t like being a judge, Dolly Parton has mentored on American Idol and The Voice

One of the greatest singers in history, Dolly Parton never participated as a judge of musical reality shows like american idol It is The Voice, which are quite successful. Now, the owner of “I Will Always Love You” revealed the reason behind this decision.

However, it is worth remembering how Parton participated as a mentor of american idol in 2008. At the time, the program dedicated an episode to the singer, with the nine main contestants singing the main hits of her career. The artist guided the finalists, as winner, David Cookand runner-up, David Archuletabut chose not to judge the performances.

She justified that she could not criticize someone else’s singing. Already in 2015, Dolly Parton acted as a mentor to the semifinalists of the The Voice, but was never a coach. During an interview with Taste of Countrythe singer revealed how “every season asks me to participate” as a judge of both programs.

“I really have trouble judging people. I would have a lot of trouble saying yes or no – especially no,” he commented. Although Parton don’t want to be a judge/coach on american idol or The Voiceshe is a fan of both reality shows.

According to the singer, these two shows give the contestants “a great jump start” for music careers, because “anyone who is that good, some record company or some manager is going to sign him.”

The artist even revealed how she loves watching singing competitions at home – and loves it when competitors sing her songs. “I love the fact that a lot of them use different songs like ‘I Will Always Love You,’ ‘Jolene‘ or ‘9 to 5.’ I listen to a lot of my music there. That is great.”

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