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Already graduated: How did Decl’s son look at last school call – did he look like his dad?

It seemed like yesterday the whole school was walking around at a party at Decl’s, and now his son has already graduated himself.

Anthony Kiselev, son of Decl and Yulia Kiselyova, 2023 graduate. And here’s how his last call went. During school holidays, the young man was accompanied by his mother. Anthony, like his father, leaves his hair long (only he does not braid the dreadlocks).

In public, the son of the now deceased rapper does not appear so often and usually tries to stay away from the show business party, although he also tries his hand at creativity.

Anthony performs under the pseudonym Juzeppe Junior and released his first video in 2021 titled Dzen.


By the way, Antony’s grandfather, Alexander Tolmatsky, who once produced Decl, did not appreciate his grandson’s work. He said he saw no musical prospects and advised Anthony to study. However, this hardly hurt the teenager – Antony has an unimportant relationship with Tolmatsky, as in the last years of his life and his father.

And this is how Decl himself looked at his son’s age.

Do you think they are similar?



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Source: The Voice Mag

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