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Helena Ranaldi recalls the behind-the-scenes violence of ‘Mulheres Apaixonadas’

‘Mulheres Apaixonadas’ Raquel Emotions Remembering Shocking Scenes With Dan Stulbach

The classic story of Manuel Charles, Women in love will be repeated Worth seeing again, on TVGlobo. Almost 10 years after television, Elena Ranaldithe Raquel of the serial, is moved when she remembers the scenes of violence.

The character of the actress was a teacher beaten by her husband Marcos, played by Dan Stulbach. “The set was silent, the studio too. They were always very difficult scenes, I had to look inside myself for that emotion, of fear, desperation, pain. Getting in touch with it is not pleasant“said the FACES.

Elena Ranaldi stressed the importance of speaking out about domestic violence, especially with cases on the rise during the COVID-19 pandemic. “It is a very sad reality. In the soap opera, in 2003, this question helped a lot. The number of complaints has increased, we have done a good social work“.

Source: Terra

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