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In treatment for cancer and after a divorce, Preta Gil vents about cheating

Singer exalts life, in a text published on social media, and shoots: ‘The pain of disappointment cannot paralyze me!’

Black Gilthat he is going through a very delicate moment in his life, because he is in it bowel cancer treatmenthe used the Instagram to vent, in the early hours of this Friday 26. Although always cheerful and optimistic, the singer has decided to open her heart and talk about disappointments and betrayals. Earlier in the evening, she returned to the same social network to comment on the side effects she has had with chemotherapy.

“Today I did two things that I had never done before: I went quad biking in Ibirapuera Park (São Paulo) and I went bowling. It was very moving to see the mobilization of the family to see me happy. It is something indescribable. When I say family, yes, I’m talking about relatives and friends. Some are more for children, others are brothers and also father and mother, but they are the family that chose me “, begins the text, published with a black background in the stories.

“They chose to love me and take care of me, and I accepted it. This is not an easy thing for me, it was always me who chose to take care of me and today I let myself be taken care of!” This is one of the greatest lessons of this moment that I am experiencing. It motivates me to fight back, even with so much physical and emotional pain. I no longer allow myself not to enjoy life. The pain of disappointment of betrayal cannot paralyze me! Day after day I reconnect with my essence and start smiling again!” concluded Preta.

Having regard to the statement of the daughter of Gilberto Gilfans have speculated that the singer refers, at the end of the lyrics, to her ex-husband, the personal trainer Rodrigo Godoywith whom she broke up in late April, amid rumors of cheating on her part.

At the time of the breakup, the artist commented: “The truths are coming out, which for me is very painful and cruel. I ask you to also help protect me from all this filth, as I am frail, in the midst of cancer treatment, after nearly dying of septicemia (or sepsis). I need peace to heal.”

thoughtful message

After the rant, Preta Gil shared a thoughtful message celebrating “a week of winning, overcoming, loving and healing,” and took stock of the past few days. “I made an effort and went to see my uncle’s show. It’s not easy to leave the house, the side effects of radiotherapy are annoying, uncomfortable, painful and limited to always being near a toilet. But, even with the pain and these setbacks, I’m gone,” she said.

She continued, “It’s been nice to meet friends and people who have shown so much love. It’s so important in the healing process to receive that love. It’s so important to have loyal friends. Love doesn’t have to come from a husband or boyfriend.” When you find out, it’s so comforting. Love is love, no matter where it comes from.

Preta also talked about the separation process and the first business meeting of the year. “I went back to work, very lightly, only three meetings. But seriously, after so many months of stopping without thinking about work, not because I wanted to, but because I couldn’t, because chemotherapy has left me very ‘dead’. Then I had sepsis and separation again, all together. Chaos, I didn’t have the head and strength to think about work, ”she stressed.

“Last week, one of the nurses who look after me at the hospital told me that many people go to the hospital at lunchtime for radiotherapy and work. come back little by little. it will be every day that I will be fine, but when I am, I want to work. Going to Mynd today and talking to the team has done me good,” said the singer.

Preta Gil vents in Instagram stories

Source: Terra

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