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‘I started writing the film in 2002’: Robert Rodriguez’s hypnotic tribute to Hitchcock at midnight screening in Cannes

“When I was talking about the movie, my children were crawling, they are working today!” It took Robert Rodriguez twenty years to bring Hypnotic to the screen, an original idea that he had been working on since 2002 and which he finally filmed, with the help of his grown children (Rebel Rodriguez on Music, Racer Max on the production and his other successors in support of editing, special effects or script).

Robert Rodriguez in Cannes on May 26, 2023

this achievement Robert Rodriguez Famous for tonight’s Midnight at the Cannes Film Festival, it’s a pleasure to return to the Croisette after screening Desperado (1995) and Sin City (2005). Carried by Ben Affleck, Alice Braga and William Fichtner (who accompanies the filmmaker to Cannes), hypnotic One of his favorite original stories.

“This film was born out of my love of Hitchcock films” he explained to AlloCiné. “At the time, Sueurs Froides was being re-released and I wanted to offer something along those lines. I’ve always loved this kind of movie, even as a kid. Very generous, lots of twists and a one-word title (Vertigo, editor’s note). I immediately thought hypnotic.”.

The feature film, which sees an inspector investigate a mysterious robbery and discover a connection to his daughter’s disappearance, uses mind manipulation as the source of the script. “There’s the idea of ​​a big bad guy, someone the hero tries to push into a corner, but continues to change his perception of reality with powers that go beyond the limits of hypnosis.”

I didn’t think we could update the movie after twenty years

“I started writing in 2002, there are still a few scenes in the movie that you’ve seen by the way, and then I had to put it aside and finish other projects. And before you know it, it’s been fifteen years. And then there was Alita. He offered me, as well as a few other projects . Finally, I was able to return to Hypnotic. I didn’t think we could update the film after twenty years, but I was very interested in this project and I’m glad I finally got to finish it.”

William Fichtner and Robert Rodriguez in Cannes on May 26, 2023

Beyond the dimensions of a police and psychological thriller, some sequences of which evoke the visual world of Inception or Doctor Strange, hypnotic It talks about cinema and has a real meta dimension. “At the end of the day, we directors do little. Create a world that hypnotizes the audience to the point where there are no actors or a script. I’ve always wanted to make a movie in a theater.”. And what better place to do it than in Cannes?

Hypnotic opens in French cinemas on August 23

Source: Allocine

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