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Bixby: Samsung assistant becomes more agile and responsive with the update

Samsung’s Bixby assistant is smarter and more responsive with the update and is now available for download from the Galaxy Store

A SAMSUNG has released an updated version of the Bixby voice assistant, which is now smarter and more responsive. The new version has several improvements, is around 63 MB and is now available in the Galaxy Store.

More responsive and focused on children’s use

Second SAMSUNGthe update allows the wizard to recommend more useful settings and a wider range of quick and custom commands based on conversations with the user, which makes its use easier and more intuitive. In addition, the South Korean company has added a parental verification mode, so that children’s accounts can request permission when they want to use Bixby features, as well as additional third-party sharing permissions.

Bixby update makes Assistant smarter and more responsive (Image credit: Bruno Salutes/Canaltech)

Another new feature in version is the release of voice activation when a ringtone, alarm or text-to-speech (Bixby TTS) is played, although the “Wake up when sound” option it is disabled. To enable this function just follow the path:

  1. Access the settings menu;
  2. Access the “Voice Activation” option;
  3. Enable the “Activate when playing media” option.

Samsung also reinforces that, for the time being, the wshame for the children it’s only available in South Korea and the United States, but has plans to expand availability to other countries.

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