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Larissa Manoela lets the details in the photo slip: “I only saw it after I published it”

The actress Larissa Manoela published a selfie on Instagram which, without realizing it, hid a curious detail

This Tuesday (19/09), Larissa Manoela posted a selfie on Instagram with a curious detail hidden. After receiving countless compliments from fans, she joked: “By the time you realize this, it may be too late. I only saw it myself after I posted it.

Logically, fans became super curious and started looking crazy about the details that were overlooked. “I’m waiting for someone to tell me because I’m curious“, commented a fan of the actress.

As the first followers noticed and commented, other people also started to notice: “The Band-Aid on the Finger”said one Internet user. “The Minions patch, I loved it”wrote another.

And the comments don’t stop there: With so much beauty, this patch goes unnoticed,” praised another.”The Minions patch adds extra charm to the photo,” a fourth follower revealed.

See the publication:

Check out this photo on Instagram

A post shared by Larissa Manoela (@larissamanoela)

Source: Terra

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