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Luis Miguel arrives in Brazil and performs in Sao Paulo in 2024

The star Luis Miguel announced his arrival at Brazil for a single presentation in St. Paulin the day March 23, 2024 at Allianz Parque. The show will be produced by the production company Music on.

Tickets, which cost between R$215 and R$1,300are available on the Ticket On website.

The announcement of its news tours It caused a sensation with its first presentation in August this year and impressed with its numbers and sales records. When the first dates for the presentations came out, the subject Luis Miguel ended up among the most talked about in the world, so much so that it was hypothesized that it was a sort of “crash” of the sales system, given that the virtual queues of the companies responsible for pre-selling tickets went as far as underlining the impressive number of almost half million people waiting for an opportunity to secure tickets.

This feat led the singer and his team to extend the tour to new countries, including the Brazilwhich will welcome the star in the capital of Sao Paulo.

There are more than 40 years driving his fans crazy, Luis Miguel has hits like La Barca, Hasta Que Me Olvides, Culpable o No, Ahora Te Puedes Marchar, La Incondicional they are part, among many others, of the history of the greatest singer of Latin music and one of the main names of world romantic music.

Luis Miguel transits between bolero, pop, jazz AND mariachisbut it was with his romantic ballads that he won the hearts of millions of people, who follow him wherever he goes and made the series that bears his name a huge success on the Netflix streaming platform.

Even though he released his last album five years ago, Luis Miguel it has not lost its status Super star and his every step is followed by millions of fans all over the world. Only in Spotify are approximately 18 million monthly listeners It’s inside Youtubethe star already collects more than 2 billion views.

Source: Terra

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