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The big blue eyes were actually a sign of a rare disease

The little girl, who has always attracted attention for this characteristic, was diagnosed with a serious genetic disease. Understand!

Imagine discovering that your daughter’s big blue eyes, always so praised throughout the world, carry a serious illness. This is what happened to Louise Bice, mother of little Aretria, in England.

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Although no one in the family had that physical characteristic, the little girl came into the world with eyes so light that she attracted attention wherever she went. At six months, however, one of them began to look more milky, and the parents were suspicious of the possibility that Aretria had injured herself with a toy. Furthermore, any intensity of light made the girl scream in pain, Louise reported Mirror.

The injury theory, however, was wrong. After being examined, It was discovered that the little girl was suffering from severe congenital bilateral glaucoma, and the appearance of her eyes was proof of this. It’s a genetic anomaly which generates extreme and increasing pressure on the optic nerve. To try to reduce this pressure, surgery was necessary.

However, medical checks showed that the results were not as expected and, therefore, another operation would be necessary. The second surgery took place last August and the parents are still waiting to hear what lies ahead ( although Aretria has already lost almost 100% of the sight in one of her little eyes).


Notice for parents

Louise thinks it is important to take advantage of the situation to alert other families to be aware of the hidden symptoms. “I never imagined that Ari’s beautiful big eyes would be a bad thing. One day, one of them became milky. One minute everything was fine and 15 minutes later everything changed completely,” the child’s mother told the British tabloid.

She also reiterates that if they had taken her daughter on a date before the pressure got completely out of control, perhaps the case would not have progressed so seriously. “But none of us knew [os grandes olhos] They were a warning sign.”He complained.

It is worth remembering that it is important to visit the ophthalmologist with your little ones in the first months of life, just to find out if everything is ok with their eye health – and, depending on the case, to understand how often the tests are carried out. consultations. necessary.

Source: Terra

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