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Arthur Aguiar becomes a joke for announcing her pregnancy in public and ending her relationship

Followers criticized the couple

Arthur Aguiar was involved in another controversy. This time, Maíra Cardi’s ex announced the end of her relationship with Jheny Santucci three days after announcing through an advertisement that they would become parents. The event had repercussions and the couple became the butt of jokes among Internet users.

“Fast and intense story,” summed up the actor. The relationship between Arthur Aguiar and Jheny Santucci did not last long but it was not commented on by the followers. This because The fact that they announced the pregnancy through an advertising campaign, or publi, and terminated it three days later was even more shocking.

On Instagram, followers did not mince words and criticized the couple. “At least he was responsible and delivered before the end,” one follower commented. “Time is money,” said another. “And in the time between the discovery, the three-month cohabitation and everything in between, we could already figure out whether it’s a boy or a girl. In other words, another tea party reveal is coming,” joked one internet user.

Arthur and Jheny

Without commitment, the relationship between Jheny and Arthur began at the end of March. Realizing that the relationship was becoming serious, the actor decided to move away. “In the first week of May I decided to leave because it was getting serious and we were leaving what we had agreed. Everyone went on with their own lives. We didn’t speak to each other for 20 days, without seeing each other until we found out we were pregnant. Obviously no. It wasn’t easy news for either of us, after all we weren’t even together. But we believe that a child is always a blessing in our life!” she said.

Plus, with the news of the pregnancy, they tried again. “Since there was already a feeling on both sides, two weeks after receiving and absorbing the news, we decided to date, live together and figure out what it would be like,” Arthur reinforced.

However, despite the couple’s efforts, the relationship did not last. In reality, the reason for the dismissal was not disclosed.

Source: Terra

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