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TikTok tightens grip on NPCs’ lives due to ‘repetitive actions’

Broadcasts imitating video game characters have become trendy in recent weeks on social media

OR Tick ​​tock it is limiting the reach of famous people The NPC lives on the platform, some users reported. The broadcasts, in which people dressed as video game characters utter ready-made phrases, have gone viral on social media in recent weeks and have attracted a multitude of fans and haters on the Internet.

Since the beginning of September, lives have become increasingly common on the video network – and some content producers have managed to monetize tens of thousands of reais from audiences who watch and pay for the character to do something specific live.

But these broadcasts may lose momentum. According to some users, the company reduced the reach of these lives, that is, the distribution was carried out on fewer profiles on TikTok. Additionally, the company would remove these videos from the main page “For you”, the main way to access the contents of the app. Therefore, lives would only be found if the user already follows the transmitted profile or via a specific link.

According to reports, when you start a broadcast on the topic, TikTok displays a message informing that the visibility of the live broadcast will be limited.

“Your live stream cannot be recommended and will be restricted in search results because it may contain content that involves very repetitive, inauthentic or degrading actions to trick viewers into sending gifts. This is in line with For Feed eligibility standards You in accordance with our community guidelines,” the notification reads.

Report has reached out to TikTok, but the company has yet to respond on the matter.

Fever on the networks

The acronym NPCs comes from the world of games and means “Non Playable Character” (“non-playable character”, in the free translation). That is, they are those characters in the game who appear during the story, but are not controllable. They can simply stand still or walk, simply composing the game scenario, or be more active in the narrative, for example completing a mission, giving advice or selling supplies.

A characteristic of these characters, in the vast majority of games, is the repetition of phrases or gestures several times, especially if the player does not trigger any type of command for the controlled character towards the NPC.

In TikTok lives, therefore, content creators imitate these repeated movements and say ready-made phrases over and over again. It’s like an extension of a cosplay – in which fans dress up as their favorite characters -, but in the case of the live broadcast, especially after this recent disclosure, the focus is not so much on the characterization (with wig, clothes or makeup, for example), but rather about reproducing this gaming stereotype.

Source: Terra

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