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Poliana Abritta celebrates her 48th birthday with enthusiasm: “I am love!”

Presenter of the “Fantástico” program, Poliana Abritta celebrated her 48th birthday together with friends and relatives in an intimate party

Journalist, reporter and presenter Poliana Abrittawho manages the Sunday program Fantasticbroadcast on TV Globo, together with his professional partner Maju Coutinhocelebrated last Monday, September 18, his 48 years of life with spirit and joy!

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Poliana Abritta turns 48!

On her official Instagram profile, Poliana Abritta, who has more than 802 thousand followers on the digital platform, shared a series of amateur photos, taken with her cell phone, taken on the day of her birthday party! Friends and family of the communicator were present at the intimate party.

It is worth mentioning that Poliana Abritta is the mother of triplets. Are they Manuela, Guido AND Josephfruit of his old relationship with the architect Glinio Carvalho. Today the journalist and presenter lives a love story with another journalist from TV Globo, Chico Walcacer.

In the sharing caption, Poliana Abritta opened her heart and declared herself publicly on her birthday. “I am love! And gratitude! And love, love, love… Everything I believe in this life has rocked my 18th year. And may it be that way every day of my 48th”, the presenter wrote. Check out the release below.

Check out this photo on Instagram

A post shared by Poliana Abritta (@polianaabritta)

Source: Terra

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