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Now she’s famous all over the world: Do you know who plays this little girl in The Flintstones?

When she first played the young Bella Swan, a teenager in love with the vampire Edward, in 2008’s Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1, Kristen Stewart immediately rose to international superstardom. A status he has largely used to build a rich and varied career, with multiple roles and varied registers.

15 years later, when he is now 33 years old, we were able to watch him in front of the camera of great directors such as Walter Sales, Olivier Assayas, Ang Lee or David Cronenberg, but let’s not forget the change of pleasure. Some more commercial forays like Charlie’s Angels or Snow White and the Huntsman.

But her career, who recently starred in the Lady Diana biopic Spencer (on Netflix), did not begin with the Twilight saga, far from it. From a very young age, he could be seen taking part in big productions, such as David Fincher’s Panic Room, in which he starred with Jodie Foster, Devil’s Throat with Dennis Quaid and Sharon Stone, or the memorable Into the Wild with Sean Penn.

However, after starring in a Disney Channel TV movie in 1999, Kristen Stewart made her big screen debut in the adaptation of the family comedy The Flintstones in Rock Vegas. Brian Levant’s (Beethoven and Toy Race director) animated series of the same name.

In this prequel released in 2000, Fred Flintstone meets Wilma and decides to take her on a romantic weekend at an amusement park. During the sequence where the characters arrive at Rock Vegas, you have to carefully avoid blinking in order to hope to catch a glimpse of the young actor from behind!

At 22 minutes and 30 seconds, look closely at the little girl you see with the ring around the neck of the prehistoric man (see above). As he himself confirmed a year ago Jimmy Fallon setThis little girl is definitely Kristen Stewart.

“Poor child!”He laughed as he looked at the photo of him in the suit at the time.

“I succeeded in the first game. At that time it was a source of pride for me. (…) I had to put a huge ring of flint around the Neanderthal. The script was supervised by my mother, I was sitting on the set and did not want to leave. They said to him: ‘Give me the job!’ And that’s how I started.”

8 years later, after an already significant career in the film industry, Kristen Stewart gained recognition by joining the Twilight saga.

(Re)discover the trailer for ‘Twilight – Chapter 1: Enchanted’…

Source: Allocine

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