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Named as Davi’s deal, the influencer speaks

Bárbara Contreras posed in a bikini with the champion and had dinner with him the same evening

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The influencer Bárbara Contreras, 22 years old, spoke this Tuesday 5, after being nominated as a new love story for Davide Britto21 years old, single since breaking up with Mani Reggo.

According to Bárbara, the meeting with the champion of BBB24 It was an accident. He lives in the same apartment building as him and, by chance, they met.

“I went to open the gate, I thought my friend had arrived. I put my face in the car, strange, thinking it was my friend and it was him, a woman. Then, when he got out of the car. My God. I I apologized and he came here,” he said, specifying that Davi is in a nearby property with his family.

Shortly after the fight, Bárbara and Davi started following each other on Instagram, which sparked rumors that the champion had moved the line. On Instagram, Baiano’s followers exchanged opinions on the matter. “Get ready, Davi, because now getting pregnant with you will be easy, even if you don’t want to,” said a follower. “Let the boy live,” another argued.

Confirming the romantic rumors, on the same night, David AND Barbarian they were seen having dinner at a Japanese restaurant, Soho. Videos and photos of the two together in the club are circulating online.

Davi is the fifth black to win the BBB - look at the other champions
Davi is the fifth black to win the BBB – look at the other champions

Source: Terra

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