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Mariana Ximenes breaks the silence on the rumors of a love affair with Gabriela Medvedovsky

Romance? Actress Mariana Ximenes speaks and reveals the truth about her friendship with Gabriela Medvedovsky

The actress Mariana Ximenes broke her silence on rumors of a romance with her friend, also an actress Gabriela Medvedovsky. The rumors started after the two traveled together in Italy.

In an interview with Vogue Brazil, they denied any romantic involvement. The artists, who met on the soap opera Nos Tempos do Imperador, said they were just friends.

“Our characters were friends and this friendship ended up transcending the screen,” Gabi began. “I don’t like to fuel rumours”, – added Ximenes.

“Sexist mistake”

Gabriela Medvedovsky also reflected on the rumors of a possible relationship between the two. “I don’t care. We always joke that if we were a couple, in fact, we would be a great couple. But that’s not the case […] I think it’s a shame that people can’t normalize displays of affection and affection between friends without sexualizing these relationships. This sexist mistake according to which there is no friendship between women is something we have been trying to deconstruct for years, but it seems that there is still a lot to evolve”said the famous woman.

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