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The screenwriter reveals he had his finger bitten by Martin Scorsese’s dog: “Problem dog”

Paul Schrader worked with the director on numerous successful films and reported an unusual case with a pet

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Paul Schrader and Martin Scorsese form a successful cinematic couple. However, it seems that the writer and director doesn’t have much success with his friend’s dogs. During a recent visit, part of his finger was bitten off and eaten by the director’s dog.

The case came to light after Schrader showed up with his hand bandaged for a magazine interview Variety. He was asked the reason for the dressing and provided more details.

“So, Tuesday night I went to dinner with Marty at his house. He has dogs. They are very cute. Two of them are bichon frisé. Are very beautiful. But they also have a Scottish terrier, he’s a problem dog. It’s his daughter’s dog. He doesn’t like the dog, but he has to keep it and blah blah,” she began.

Later, the screenwriter said that the story did not end very well when he tried to pet one of the pets: “The Scottish terrier not only bit off part of my big toe, but also ate it.”

Paul Schrader and Martin Scorsese have worked together on major hits, such as: Taxi driver (1976), wild bull (1980) e The last temptation of Christ (1988).

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