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Family room: 6 projects with different uses for this versatile space

The intimate room is once again a trend. The room is usually close to the bedrooms and can be a place for work or relaxation

The family room is a room that has appeared again in interior designs. This is an anteroom, which is located in the intimate area of ​​the house, usually next to the bedrooms. The idea is for each family to use it in their own way, whether as a TV room, children’s playroom or even a home office. It is a way to include another place of coexistence, even in a more private space.

1. Family room with amazing colors

In this project Travessa Architecture the subtle colors are a highlight. While the kitchen received gray joinery, the living room, created by rearranging two bedrooms, received a green panel and a blue sofa.

2. Family room with TV and play space


This contemporary and timeless apartment 300 m2 is signed by Fernanda Dabbur and her team.


The family room was created by “stealing” a space from each of the three adjacent bedrooms and has become a super TV and games room for children.

3. Family room with TV and muxarabi


The office From Hora Architecture has created a true place of relaxation. The family room is located on the second floor of the duplex, measures 280 m² and is furnished in white. The muxarabi panel serves as an office divider.

4. Family room with home office


During the renovation of this apartment, 270 m2, Paula Müller He says he changed the layout of the home office to integrate it with the intimate TV room.

5. Family room with guest room


Guest rooms are very useful environments, especially for those who love to entertain. This intimate room, located in an office project Up3 Architecture, has a sofa bed and an imported curtain that completely isolates the corridor.

6. Family room in commercial spaces


A highlight of this project for a law firm, signed by the firm Tuning the architecture, is the intimate reception room. The idea is for customers to have a comfortable place to wait. Surrounded by a large library, it offers a welcoming and intellectually stimulating environment.

Source: Terra

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