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Simony: Remember the singer’s journey through bowel cancer treatment

The artist was emotional when he spoke about the disease on the ‘Programa Raul Gil’; she was diagnosed in June 2022

Singer Simony is one of the members of the jury of Gospel of Shadow Brazilcompetition from Raúl Gil programthis Saturday, 11. During the recording, the singer became emotional when she spoke about her treatment against bowel cancer.

“I’m very emotional. After everything I’ve been through… It was beautiful, it touched me a lot, because only I know that during all this treatment I underwent, if it hadn’t been for God holding my hand, I wouldn’t be more here,” he said.

Simony also thanked Raul Gil for his support during the treatment: “[Ele] He was one of the people who called me the most, who called me the most and said, “I’m here praying and asking God for you.” It was very important for me. I received a very big miracle, I have been free of tumor cells for eight months and where the tumor was there is a scar, as if I had really been operated on.”

Remember Simony’s journey with cancer

Simony was diagnosed with bowel cancer during routine tests in June 2022. In August that year, she said, in a video, that she was starting treatment and that she was hopeful. “I’m very strong and very confident. I’ve never fought not to win,” she said.

He said that, due to a problem, he decided to undergo a colonoscopy, an examination carried out on the large intestine, and thus discovered the tumor. The singer underlined the importance of colonoscopy after the age of 45.

In the same week, the artist appeared on Instagram stories preparing for her first chemotherapy session at HCor, in Sao Paulo, where she was hospitalized for a week before resuming treatment at home. She also started undergoing radiotherapy sessions.

Simony also used social media to show her followers the lace wigs she was wearing due to hair loss caused by chemotherapy. “Let go of vanity and cling more and more to life. Redefine meaning. With a clean face and an open heart, loving my short hair, I feel beautiful,” she said.

In October she was hospitalized again for chemotherapy sessions. “This lasts four hours. Today is very hard [difícil] Same. Today it is six o’clock. Thank God we are finishing this phase. Tomorrow one more, one more on Friday, and then we will do the exams again,” she said.

In the same month he participated in Altas Horas and spoke about the disease. A few days later he reported that the tumor had shrunk by over 50% and that from then on he would only undergo radiotherapy sessions.

In December, Simony was admitted to hospital for what would be the radio’s last sessions. However, in April 2023, she revealed that the disease was still not 100% cured and that she would need to resume treatment. Fernando Maluf, the artist’s oncologist, explained that she had an excellent response from treatment with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, but “still [tinha] points of disease activity”.

In June he revealed the positive result of a PET scan, which showed no lymph nodes. The procedure is responsible for identifying tumor foci in the body. It seemed to be the beginning of the cure, and the following month, the singer celebrated her victory over cancer.

In August, Simony visited her friend Preta Gil, who was also undergoing treatment for bowel cancer, in hospital: “Live our life, our remission,” she wrote. That week Preta announced the end of her treatment.

Simony’s treatment, however, had to be interrupted due to a renal complication, which delayed remission. In December she returned to immunotherapy. The singer said that the treatment will probably last another 1 year and 7 months, and she aims to cure the cancer, which, at the moment, she recalls, through the patient’s immune system.

In February 2024, the singer celebrated the results of a test called rectosigmoid, which showed that the tumor had completely disappeared. Simony said that after receiving the results, she got into the car and “cried like a little girl.”

“It hasn’t been easy and I know I still have a long way to go,” he wrote. She continues to be monitored by a doctor and must complete immunotherapy treatment. “My case, truly, was a miracle,” she said.

Simony showed, through Instagram stories, the different possibilities with laces.

Source: Terra

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