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Support! Champion of the “Fazenda”, Jaquelline helps save animals in the south

The champion of “A Fazenda 15”, Jaquelline Grohalski, has decided to do her part to help the population of RS affected by the floods

All of Brazil is mobilizing to help the population of Rio Grande do Sul. Due to heavy rains and floods, the state is experiencing a critical moment, full of tragedies.

The champion of “The Farm 15”, Jaquelline Grohalski, he also decided to do his part. She and entrepreneur Bruno Vinicius rescued an abandoned dog in the midst of the tragedy.

In the comments of the publication, followers sympathized: “How does someone go out and leave the animal like that??? My God… My dog ​​is my son, my baby“said one.

How bad people, couldn’t you have put it in a backpack and taken it with you? Forgive me if I judge the owners, but I would also tie myself a sheet to take with me”wrote another.

I wait:

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A post shared by Bruno Vinicius 🦍 (@brunovinicius)

Source: Terra

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