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Marcos Mion is blown up after visiting a shelter in Rio Grande do Sul: “Only after Madonna’s show”

Presenter Marcos Mion becomes a topic of discussion on social media and divides opinions after visiting a shelter in Rio Grande do Sul

The host Frames My he joined other celebrities to help the victims of Rio Grande do Sul. Just like Luciano Huckhe also went to visit shelters in the regions affected by the floods.

In an outburst on Instagram, the commander of cauldron talked about this very delicate moment. “Against everything that exists that is bad, ugly, tragic, hateful, intolerance on the internet… I continue to believe that we must fight with love. Love will win in the end. And what I saw in Porto Alegre was this: love for starting over. Hold hands. Tears absorbed by the shoulders. Support. Support. Wedding ring”, Mion began.

And he added: “I had been anxious for days, but the weather did not allow a return trip on the same day. That’s why it happened that several people went yesterday, Tuesday, because it stopped raining just then. My heart was anguished to resist the hands of mothers, welcome autistic people and, with the help of Jesus Christ, bring a little hope.

However, Marcos Mion’s visit created something to talk about and divided opinions on social media: “Ugh, I’m happy Madonna is gone “, joked one Internet user. “I love you Mion, but you partied at Madonna’s concert and people were dying.” shot another person. “Now? It was only after Madonna’s show“, attacked the third.


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