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The cancellation of Ivete Sangalo and Ludmilla’s tours could be linked to the deaths at the Rio festival

Singers cited lack of safety as a reason for canceling shows; The mother of the electrocution victim at the festival blames the producer

Roberta Isaac Ferreira, mother of the young João Vinícius Ferreira Simões, 25, who died last March after being electrocuted during a festival in Rio de Janeiro, believes that her son’s death could be linked to the cancellation of the tours of Ivete Sangalo and Ludmilla , announced this Wednesday (15/5). She told “Melhor da Tarde” that 30E, the producer responsible for the presentations of the two artists, is the same one behind the “I Wanna Be Tour” festival, in which her son died.

Investigations and accusations

“The investigation by the Police Headquarters has already been closed and 13 people have been sent to trial. Nine will answer for malice (when there is a risk of killing) and the other four for procedural fraud. Now we have to wait for the Prosecutor’s Office. In fact, today I knew that two tours were canceled by this company: Ludmilla and Ivete Sangalo due to lack of security during the events, which is the responsibility of the producer”, said Roberta.

João Vinícius, born in Maricá, in the Rio metropolitan region, was in the capital Rio de Janeiro for the festival. During the event, rain led the young man to seek shelter next to a food truck, the structure of which was under tension, causing him to be electrocuted.

In addition to the indictment for this case, 30E accumulates a debt of more than R$2.6 million in workplace fines. The manufacturer faces ten open fines in the Ministry of Labor system, related to failure to comply with the regulations set out in the CLT, mainly occupational safety and health regulations.

Cancellation of tours

Ludmilla and Ivete Sangalo explained this Wednesday morning (15th) on their social networks that the tours, which would have celebrated respectively their 10 and 30 years of career, were canceled because 30E would no longer be able to provide the great infrastructure promised . for events, compromising the safety of the shows.

30E refuted the artists’ allegations, stating that tickets were not selling as expected. The producer regretted the artists’ unilateral decision and issued an official note explaining that he proposes to reduce the structure of the shows to overcome the situation.

Source: Terra

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