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Juju Salimeni reveals that he is too lazy to take a shower

The panicked ex wondered whether her followers feel the same way

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Juju Salimeni made an unusual revelation on social media. On the night of Sunday 19th, the The 37-year-old model told fans she feels lazy when showering everyday.

In the post, the panicked ex wonders if her followers feel the same way before hygiene time. In fact, she said that at that moment she was stalling to go and take a shower.

“Guys, is anyone else too lazy to take a shower? I die of laziness every day. I’ve been waiting to go here for a long time,” Salimeni wrote.

Juju Salimeni joked with his followers that he is too lazy to shower

Luxurious home

Laziness aside, for Salimeni showering shouldn’t be a problem. Earlier this month, the former Panicat opened the doors of her home to former BBB Pedro Scooby, of the channel Podpahon YouTube, which showed a bit of the muse’s house.

The property worth R$8 million has an outdoor area with a swimming pool, a giant storage room and a garage with a Lamborghini and a BMW. The cars cost more than R$3 million and more than R$500 thousand respectively.

Salimeni lives there with her husband, Diogo Basaglia, 28, and three dogs.

Source: Terra

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