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‘Nobody’s Ready’, ‘The Wonder of Courage’, ‘Tragically Rubbish’: Cannes 2024’s Shock Is Here With Substance!

We were waiting for the “new titan”. It looks like an even crazier spectacle was on offer for festival goers yesterday with The Substance announced as one of the shocks of Cannes 2024.

French director Coralie Farger, who appeared in 2018’s Revenge, here directs Demi Moore and Margaret Cowell in a true cinematic experience that questions relationships with bodies, orders of beauty and time… and that goes far, far. , more than anything you can imagine.

How did Croisette accept this radical, bloody and euphoric proposal? Here’s a selection of first impressions of the film, a Palme d’Or contender that earned an 11-minute standing ovation.

A roundup of tweets on The Substance

The scariest film in the history of Cannes. It’s a bit long, but tonight I turned 15, like the first Peter Jackson.

It’s okay, we got the shock of #cannes2024! #TheSubstance by @coraliefargeat is a marvel of courage and excitement that goes beyond its guidelines. An ambiguous storm gazes at the place (male and female) where our love and body loathing respond.

in my bed 3am and I’m still on #TheSubstance. When Dorian Gray meets Kubrick, Cronenberg and Sam Raimi, when Suers Freuds kisses the perfect butcher to make the male gaze explode, I can’t sleep anymore #kif

Imagine a mix of Dorian Gray and All About Eve with two actors doing it all. Add to that a bit of Freaky Friday and even Julie and Julia. All directed by Greg Arak, son of Cronenberg and Sam Raimi. and blood. a lot of blood big Love

Aggressive, nasty and unapologetic, #TheSubstance pushes the buttons of bad taste to the limit and does it with flair and generosity. It’s a shame the film gets lost in tunnels of repetitive sequences in what should have been a good 1:30 encore

#TheSubstance is full of metaphors about women in Hollywood and the consequences of self-hatred. Covered in blood, chipped teeth, ripped fingernails and some of the most grotesque prosthetics in recent memory, the film is not for the faint of heart.

No one is ready for Coralie Fargeat’s #TheSubstance, where the maddened quest for eternal beauty leads to a nightmare of infinite body horror, summoning The Fly and The Thing as much as La Grande Bouffe, all in an ocean of hemoglobin. Disgusting!

Cronenberg’s bug ate the barbie and spat out #TheSubstance: Coralie Fargeat gives birth to a very disgusting journey where body horror pollutes the male gauze. It amuses as much as it annoys. Frankly, 40 minutes is too long.

#TheSubstance by Coralie Fargeat. Demi Moore literally bares herself in this dark satire on the dictates of beauty and youth. Farjit plunges headlong into the grotesque, quoting The Fly and The Shining, and signs off on an ultra-pleasant comic-gore delirium.

Welcome to Cannes, where we wallow in Coppola’s nonsense and praise Farjit. #TheSubstance is nameless bullshit, gross vulgarity, shameless re-pumping of De Palma, Yuzna, Carpenter or Kubrick. Tragically lame.

With #TheSubstance, Coralie Farjit takes body horror to unexpected comic and graphic heights with a hilarious work where the brilliant Demi Moore-Margaret Cowell duo sink their teeth into the myth of timeless beauty. Very strong.

He is there! The most enjoyable film of the competition, a future cult film and a monument to body horror. Coralie Fargeat pushes the keys too far in a huge finale. Brilliant, furious, visceral, nasty and brutal. Piece of art !

This is a staging! Between Verhoeven, Satoshi Kon and Cronenberg, @coraliefargeat signs the ultra-gonzo #TheSubstance for the biggest horror of the last 30 years. A dark tale of our desire for youth, by the perfect Moore/Qualley duo.

#TheSubstance: Farjit loves what he does and it shows, his actors are very good and his comic exploration of misogyny is brilliant material. But the film is too long, repetitive and, above all, less innovative than it wants to make out.

Not ready to forget this screening of #TheSubstance: very dark humor, very scary Grand Guignol, Demi Moore on fire, full of genre references. Laughter and applause during and after the film. And this is competition! We can say “I was there”. Well done

A philosophical film that turns pus and botox into gold. Coralie Fargit reinvents Dorian Gray and Chagrin’s skin by injecting them with #TheSubstance. Come on, quick, #Palmepourmonstroelisasue! Best cameo of Cain-style Aligot and Tripp.

Don’t you think it’s great that we all woke up this morning just thinking about #TheSubstance? All the excitement. We finally have our favorite, our Electric Shock at @Festival_Cannes . I’m sure Greta liked it. we believe.

Source: Allocine

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