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‘A boiled egg, a celery and two crackers’: a Marvel heartthrob’s bizarre diet to play one of the most tragic characters of his career

This unrecognizable Marvel heartthrob is a wall of muscle in the photo, but he had to resort to a diet of just 500 calories a day to lose weight for a drama!

It’s not at all unusual to see some sacrifices from real movie and streaming stars to play some roles. Like this Riccardo GaddIn ‘Little reindeer‘, he lost 24 kilos for his roleAND another actor’sQueen of tears‘he had to lose 8 kg to express the drama of his character, a big star – and heartthrob! – from the wonder he experienced the same thing.

Here we are talking about nothing less than Chris Hemsworth. Known as the imposing Thor in Marvel films, the artist played one of the most tragic characters of his career with the film ‘In the heart of the sea‘, published in 2015.

In the production, a ship is attacked by a whale and the survivors must resort to cannibalism to survive. Over time and without resources, their bodies changed drastically and, to do so, the actor had to let his hair and beard grow, as well as lose weight considerably.

Chris Hemsworth’s bizarre diet for the film

During an interview with ‘Men’s Health’ magazine, Chris Hemsworth spared no details about the delivery of the film ‘In the Heart of the Sea’. According to the actor, at the climax of the film, in which he was supposed to appear as thin and “finished” as possible, he even went on a diet of just 500 calories a day to lose the weight desired for the production:

“At one point our daily diet consisted only of a hard-boiled egg, a stick of celery and two crackers,” said, who had always had a defined body and was highly praised for his muscles, shocking audiences at the time.

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