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Influencer reveals tea goes wrong and almost ends badly; he watches the video!

The couple hosts a reveal tea to find out if they’re expecting a boy or a girl, but the celebration almost ends in tragedy

Last Sunday, 19/05, the couple of influencers, Dayane Figueiredo32 years old, and Carlos Henrique, The 39-year-old welcomed his family and friends for a revelation tea, but they didn’t expect to receive a big scare. Expecting a baby, her parents threw a party to find out the sex of the baby, but when it was revealed, things didn’t go as planned.

In the event that took place in Linhares, north of Espírito Santo, a rocket exploded at the moment of the revelation and caused enormous fear to everyone, especially the parents. In addition to the blue smoke, which confirmed the arrival of little Achilles, the explosion also released a high flame near the father, who was left with light burns on his head.

I just felt hot near my face and had no idea what was happening. Only then will we become aware of the danger we are facing. So far we don’t know what happened there.“, commented the mother to the newspaper Folha Vitória.

Watch the video!

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