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The expert explains how many times a day you should feed your pet

Feeding too much or too little food to dogs and cats can cause problems with the animals’ well-being and health.

Food is one of the most important aspects for pets have a healthy and well-being life. Dogs and cats must eat the right foods, always in the correct quantities. But How often should pets be fed? guarantee this quality in the diet?

This is a question that arises in the minds of many tutors. After all, it’s not always easy to know if animals are hungry or need food. Not to mention that, for example, it is not possible to give dogs all of the day’s food at once, because they could be more predisposed to so-called gastric torsion, a serious disease.

Below, see advice from zootechnician Núbia Galiano, who works in the technical training area of ​​dog and cat food manufacturer Adimax, on how to feed your pets with the correct frequency:

Quantity of food for dogs and cats

How often to offer food to pets will depend on several factors, including the age of the pet. “For adult dogs, the daily amount of food should be divided into at least two meals, so that they do not go too long without eating. If the family routine allows it, it is interesting to divide it into three meals, while for elderly dogs, l “Ideally three or four meals would be,” says Núbia.

As for puppies, the zootechnician recommends dividing them into at least three portions a day, thus respecting their smaller gastric capacity and encouraging the use of food. “Remember that offering more meals per day does not mean that the animal will eat more, but rather that the total amount will be divided and offered in portions throughout the day,” he explains.

Cats, in turn, generally don’t eat everything at once if you put all of the day’s food in the bowl. So you can do it, unless you realize that your pet is more of a foodie and that this strategy won’t work.

Another tip about meal times for dogs and cats, according to Núbia, is that hot weather can lead to loss of appetite. So, in these cases, the ideal is to offer food in the cooler moments of the day. This usually happens in the early morning and late afternoon or evening.

Also remember to follow the instructions attached to the food regarding portions, as well as your vet’s instructions.

More tips on feeding pets

The specialist also provides the following recommendations on how to give food to pets:

  • They should always be in a clean container, which should be washed with soap and water, as well as water.
  • If the animal does not eat everything, the leftovers must be discarded after 24 hours if it is dry food, and 30 minutes for wet food. This is to avoid attracting insects that will contaminate the food or bite the animal.
  • Food and water containers should be stored in a clean place, protected from sun and rain and away from where the animal relieves itself.

Now you know how to feed your pets correctly!

Source: Terra

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