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Tomorrow belongs to us: the actor of Un si grand soleil enters the series

Tomorrow our family will expand!

While Patrick Guérinault, Honorine Magnier, Ryan Huber, Paloma Reno and Pierre Dany have just said goodbye to the TF1 daily series, the series will soon have a cast well known to fans of French television. Indeed, Alain Daguey, the unforgettable Gael Lestrac in Un si grand soleil, will soon be packing her bags at Sette.

According to the information of our colleagues Recreational televisionThe actor has “posted some photos of him showing off his arrival at Tomorrow Belongs to Us“.

In the first one, we see the actress in her clothes, makeup and hair. Under the photo we can also read many hashtags around the series, as well as the name “Caroline”. Most likely, this will definitely be the first name of the character that he will portray on the screen.

In another photo, we see Ellen Deji in front of Dunier’s swimming pool. So are we to imagine that her character might have a connection with William (Kamel Belghazi), Aurora (Julie DeBazac) and Manon (Louise Bachelier)? Unless it’s with Aaron (Stani Coppet), Lisa (Naima Rodrique) and Victoire (Solene Hébert) who live in the same residence?

Even if the mystery remains at the moment, it is almost certain that the character played by Hélène Dej will be the connection between these two iconic clans of Tomorrow Belongs to Us.

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Other cast members of Un si grand soleil Tomorrow Belongs To Us

Hélène Degi is not the first actress from Un si grand soleil to join the cast of Tomorrow belongs to us.

easily Naima Rodrichwho lent her features to Lucille Salama in the soap opera France 2, arrived Tomorrow Belongs to Us on August 31, 2022 to revive the character of Lisa Hassan.

Recently, it was István Nekrasov, who starred in Dylan Soriano’s Un si grand soleil, who came to the series as Grigori, the mysterious neighbor of Gabriel (Martin Millet) and Soraya (Kenza Saib-Couton). In a relationship with Nur (Sahelle de Figueiredo). Moreover, the actress is currently at the center of an arc that promises a lot of tension between the Bediyar sisters.

So Hélène Deje is the latest to join Tomorrow Belongs to Us and there’s no doubt that the reunion between the former Un si grand soleil cast members will be a warm one.

Source: Allocine

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