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In the new accusation, the model claims that rapper Diddy drugged and raped her

This is the sixth victim to formalize a complaint against the singer; find out the details

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Model Crystal McKinney43 years old, she joined the list of women who denounce the rapper Sean Diddy Combs, 54, for sexual assault. According to documents obtained by TMZ, the musician drugged and forced the girl to have intimate relations with him in her studio in New York, United States. The episode allegedly occurred in 2003, when he was 33 and she was 22.

Crystal claims in the complaint that she initially had a romantic interest Diddy and so she went to visit him in his apartment. As mentioned, they met in mid-2003, during the Men’s Fashion Week show. After some flirting, he invited her to his property located a few blocks from the event.

There in the apartment, Diddy allegedly offered Crystal large quantities of alcohol and marijuana cigarettes. However, according to her, the cigarette seemed adulterated, as it left her feeling very lethargic and weak. At that moment, she says she was taken by the rapper to the bathroom, where he allegedly forced her to get on her knees and performed oral sex on her. The model, despite having difficulty, claims to have tried to deny her gesture.

Crystal believes that due to the violence of Diddy holding his head, he fainted. When she regained consciousness, she was already in a taxi, heading home and feeling like she had been attacked. The feeling of aggression was not specified, whether it was physical or emotional pain.

Crystal’s aftermath

Crystal McKinney in the MTV commercial

According to Crystal McKinney’s report to the authorities, the episode with Diddy severely scarred and affected her. She modeled at the height of her career, she became complex and, due to her behavior, she started losing her job. Furthermore, because of what happened, she became so depressed that, in 2004, she attempted to take her own life.

The model also stressed that she only went public because other women were already reporting the rapper. Having said this she took courage and decided to encourage other possible victims. “I felt that if other women reported it, I had a moral obligation to speak up about it,” she said.

What happens to rapper Diddy?

Since November 2023, when he was accused of rape and abuse by an ex-girlfriend, rapper Diddy has faced problems with the justice system. In addition to Cassie Ventura, the first to report him, five other women have filed complaints against the artist in recent months, including model Crystal McKinney.

Source: Terra

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