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Ana Hickmann’s former right-hand man speaks for the first time and criticizes the presenter

Claudia Helena denies involvement in financial irregularities, says she was humiliated by her former boss and questions her relationship with Edu Guedes

On Wednesday evening (22nd), journalist Ricardo Feltrin interviewed sales manager Claudia Helena, former agent of Ana Hickmann, live on his YouTube channel.

After 18 years, she was fired following the outbreak of the alleged physical assault scandal and the revelation of the multimillion-dollar debts of the presenter and her then husband and businessman Alexandre Correa. Around 9 thousand people followed the broadcast in real time.

“I have never deviated from anything. If I had deviated, I would have been fine,” said Claudia, accused of participating in irregularities in the artist’s office. Without a new job, she says she now depends on financial help from her family. “I always woke up to work, I’m not a criminal to be judged like this.”

Hickamnn’s former right-hand man said his “level of outrage is pretty high.” “I spend sad days, I sleep little. I hope life returns to normal. I’ve been threatened, it’s scary,” he said.

Regarding the R$ 100,000 deposit without a bank account, reported by the press as a diversion or “silencing” promoted by Alexandre, the former agent told his version. “It was a bonus for the old contracts,” he said. “Ana knew.”

Cláudia said the “Hoje em Dia” star was aware of the company’s financial problems. She «knew about the debts and loans, received notifications on her cell phone».

When asked about Hickmann’s personality, she criticized him. “I was called incompetent several times in front of the whole team.” She said she witnessed “his intolerance towards Alexandre”. “Sometimes she was aggressive. In the office I couldn’t open my mouth because she would cut me. Rude.”

When asked about her personal relationship with Ana, Claudia provided details. “We had a friendly relationship. It was a friendship with subordination, I always knew my place,” she said. “I didn’t say ‘no’ to Ana.”

The former employee declared that she had given up family life to dedicate herself to being a presenter. “I was missing my son’s birthday, a school party,” she reportedly said. “I regret it, I ask for forgiveness every day. I wouldn’t have dedicated myself so much if I had known about this ingratitude.”

Claudia expressed resentment towards office colleagues, who she says she defended from Ana’s dismissal orders “I feel ingratitude from the people on the team, they probably banned them from talking to me. They blocked me on everything. I also thank them for doing it, it shows who the people are.

The executive responded to the report of domestic violence in Itu’s villa. “I don’t think there was any assault, Alexandre wouldn’t do that.” He stated that he had never seen the businessman mistreat any woman. “We had healthy business discussions.”

He was surprised when he commented on Hickmann’s relationship with Edu Guedes. “Guys, a woman who suffers aggression, in less than 1 month is already with another person in the house, has a small child…” Despite the judgmental tone, she claims to have never seen anything between Ana and Edu before the presenter’s intervention separation.

Claudia Helena declined to say whether she has filed an employment lawsuit against her former boss. You acted as PJ (legal entity). She has hinted that she will assert her rights in court. Aside from the disappointment and resentment expressed in the interview, the former agent classified Ana Hickmann as a “great presenter.”

Journalist Ricardo Feltrin works from the beginning to cover parallel cases: the accusation of physical assault against Hickmann and corporate mismanagement by Alexandre Correa. He reported on his channel that the recording artist and her lawyers are refusing to assist him.

The column space is open to all those mentioned in this text.

Journalist Ricardo Feltrin interviewed Claudia Helena, Ana Hickmann's former agent

Source: Terra

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