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Ni Kuang (1935-2022)

Veteran writer Ni Kuang, who has created around 300 scripts for Hong Kong action and kung fu films, died on Sunday (3/7) at the age of 87 from skin cancer.

Ni was born in Shanghai in 1935 and sneaked into Hong Kong in 1957, never returning to mainland China.

Hailed as a giant in the literary world, he published several martial arts, wuxia and science fiction novels, breaking into Chinese culture with the “New Adventures of Wisely” literary franchise in 1963.

Two years later, he began writing screenplays for the Shaw Brothers, Hong Kong’s greatest kung fu filmmakers. His credits include absolute classics of the genre such as “One-Armed Swordsman” (1967), “Kung Fu’s Revenge” (1970), “The Shaolin Temple” (1976), “The 36th Chamber of Shaolin” (1978), “I five poisons of Shaolin “(1978),” The Eagle’s Revenge “(1978),” The Golden Arm of Kung Fu “(1979),” The Shaolin Invaders “(1983) and” The Invincible Fighter “(1984), among many others.

He also created the characters that catapulted Bruce Lee into Hong Kong film stardom in “The Chinese Dragon” (1971) and “Wrath of the Dragon” (1972).

At the same time, he also wrote around 140 novels with the character Wisely, a man involved with strange creatures and aliens in futuristic adventures around the world. These stories have also been brought to theaters, as well as producing comic series and adaptations.

In recent years, Ni has received two honors from the Hong Kong film industry for his career achievements: the Hong Kong Film Awards (the region’s Oscars) in 2012 and another from the Hong Kong Screen Writers Guild in 2018.

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