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The ex-girlfriend of the murdered actor calls for justice and cries in a video

The ex-girlfriend of the murdered actor calls for justice and cries in a video

Johnny Wactor was killed on Saturday the 25th, during an attempted robbery of his car

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Tessa Farrellex-girlfriend of Johnny Watterstook to social media on Monday, the 27th, to make a emotional explosion over the death of an ex-partner. OR actor Polyclinic he was shot and killed during an attempted robbery of his carlast Saturday, the 25th, in Los Angeles (USA).

In the publication, the actress called for better laws to fight crime in California and provides numbers for anonymous complaints, in case any followers have information about the crime.

Between tears, Farrel tried to send a message directly to the criminal and regretted that the person had followed the path of crime.

“If you are the person who did this, I’m sorry, but you shot the wrong person. You can get a real job. I know the market is complicated, but we are in this together. It is not necessary to steal, and above all to take one’s life to do so,” the woman said.

In sequence, Farrel has called for justice for the murder of his ex-girlfriend: “These criminals cannot continue to return to the streets without consequences for their actions.”

The actress met Wactor in 2013 and, in the same year, they started dating. Eventually they got engaged. The relationship, however, ended and the wedding did not take place.

Check out the actress’ outburst

@tessafarrellxo I remember @Johnnywactor on Memorial Day this year #justiceforjohnny #johnnywactorworld #REP ♬ original sound – Tessa Farrell

Who was Johnny Watson?

The actor made his television debut on the ABC series Army Wives. Wactor also had hits like Westworld, OA, Criminal Minds and NCISbut he was best known for his role as Brandon Corbin in Polyclinic.

* With information from Estadão Conteúdo

Source: Terra

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