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The Aviator: Press pause at 2 hours 44 minutes and get a good look at Leonardo DiCaprio

The Aviator: Press pause at 2 hours 44 minutes and get a good look at Leonardo DiCaprio

Martin Scorsese, a fan of subliminal plans? That’s what the Aviator’s vision reveals, provided you can use its remote control and keep your eyes wide open. The Aviator is not an isolated case, other famous films have subliminal shots!

Subliminal perception describes what our brain senses, but below the threshold of consciousness. That is, our unconscious receives the image and interprets it as if it were seen by our eyes, even though the image appeared too quickly to be perceived consciously. In other words, the image was moving so fast that we didn’t even know it was there, but it was processed by our brain.

But if you run Aviator and you Pause 2 hours 44 minutes and 44 seconds Very specifically, you see for a moment that one of the photographers flashes, Howard Hughes (Leonardo DiCaprio), looking completely skeletal.

Leonardo DiCaprio as Howard Hughes

The shot lasts a fraction of a second, almost invisible to the naked eye, but sends to our brain the thought that the moment it was received on August 6, 1947 before the Brewster Commission, which interrogated, among other things, possible attempts. Bribery of Air Force officers.

At this time, Hughes was recovering from a violent crisis of his multiple obsessive-compulsive disorders, which kept him at home for several days. Now recovered, the photographers’ flashes add to his paranoid feeling, and this subliminal shot of the skeleton is meant to show that the billionaire feels like he’s been x-rayed and has nothing to hide. Here’s how it looks in the movie:

This staging trick clearly demonstrates Scorsese’s talent for conveying emotions to us, even when they are moving too quickly for us to actually perceive. At least they are felt here subconsciously. A wonderful idea and a way to restore the nobility of cinema, where everything goes through images.

Source: Allocine

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