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He has grown!  At 12, Wanessa Camargo’s eldest son receives affection from his mother at an event and his height is impressive;  see photo

He has grown! At 12, Wanessa Camargo’s eldest son receives affection from his mother at an event and his height is impressive; see photo

Wanessa Camargo went to a healthy food fair this Friday (14th) in Anhembi, Sao Paulo, but it was her eldest son who stole the show due to his height. I wait!

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Wanessa Camargo He was joined by his eldest son to go to a healthy food fair in Anhembi, Sao Paulo, this Friday (14th). During the event, the singer posed for photographers, giving kisses and hugs to her firstborn, 12 years old, the result of her birth. the singer’s previous marriage to businessman Marcus Buaiz. Next to the boy, José Marco He stole the show because of his height.

Wanessa Camargo praises Isis Valverde, her ex-husband’s girlfriend

In a recent interview with “Extra”, Wanessa Camargo provided details about Isis Valverde’s relationship with her children. For the artist everything is very calm, even with the little Rael, 5 years oldson of the actress with André Resende.

“Isis is a sweetheart. Of course, when she and Marcus started their relationship, I stood from afar, just observing. And then came the feedback from the kids, who loved her immediately. I became calmer, and I realize, when they’re together, that Isis has a lot of affection for them. That makes a difference. We both talk when we’re together,” Wanessa Camargo said.

Furthermore, the former BBB also commented regarding Dado Dolabella’s relationship with her children and how Marcus Buaiz, ​​​​her ex-husband, thinks about the relationship: “Marcus also noticed how affectionate Dado is with our children. If the children like him, there is nothing else to say. We are all very well resolved,” he assured.

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