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Actor reveals how therapy changed his life and intimate relationships

Actor reveals how therapy changed his life and intimate relationships

Carmo Dalla Vecchia said his performance in bed changed after therapy

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Carmo Dalla Vecchia recently revealed details of his intimate life during the program Surubaumby Giovanna Ewbank and Bruno Gagliasso. The actor has been undergoing sex therapy for about a year and a half and, in a videocast on Friday 5, he explained the benefits of the practice for his performance in bed.

In an interview with journalist Maria Fortuna, in Talk goes, talk comesFrom The globereported the reason for seeking help. He would have identified an addiction to adult content and that the intensity at the time of “getting there” was not as great as before.

Dalla Vecchia says he realized this after a “very long preparation process” and that watching adult content can change what viewers really like “at the right time.” “This became very clear when I started going to sex therapy,” he says.

He also underwent somatic therapy and tantric techniques to reconnect with his body. The actor also revealed that he learned to delay pleasure and have sex without ejaculating, which had a huge impact on his creativity, work, well-being and libido.

“It’s energy that you can waste. And the orgasmic feeling can be much greater than what I thought of as an orgasm. I can preserve it and not necessarily get to the end. And then use that energy for something else, bring it back to other aspects of life,” she emphasizes.

“I removed all the blocks I had. I learned that we can delay pleasure and, therefore, prolong it for a longer time. No one teaches you that. There is no sexual partner who has taught me that in my life. Not even your family, your school and your friends will teach you,” she adds.

According to the actor, through therapy, he discovered that he didn’t like a lot of the things he always thought he liked when he fantasized. “I prefer affection to forceful holding,” he notes. He also recommended therapy and joked that he would even pass on his therapist’s contact information to anyone who asked via direct message on social media.

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