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Emma Roberts blames the internet for the failure of Madame Web: “It turns everything into a joke”

Emma Roberts blames the internet for the failure of Madame Web: “It turns everything into a joke”

Emma Roberts blames the internet for the failure of Madame Web: “It turns everything into a joke”

Actress, who played Mary Parker, Peter Parker’s mother, defended the most recent film in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe

Emma Robertswho interpreted Mary Parker in Madame Webthe latest film in Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man universe, defended the production and blamed “internet culture” for the film’s failure, which grossed just $100 million at the box office worldwide.

What did Emma Roberts say?

“Personally, I really loved it Madame Web. I had a lot of fun with the movie, I thought everyone did a great job – especially the director, SJ Clarksonwhich was the reason I wanted to make this film”declared the actress in an interview with Variety.

“If it weren’t for internet culture, which turns everything into a joke, I think the reception of Madame Web would have been very different. That’s something that bothers me about things these days, including a lot of the things I do – everything becomes a joke on the internet.”he added.

Roberts she also said that, despite the box office failure, she does not feel intimidated as an actress. “Some things work, and some things don’t. Everyone likes to pretend they can predict successes and failures, but the truth is that it’s impossible.”he stated.

“Some things do poorly, but then they become successful on TikTok. Other things do well, but years later you look back and think, ‘This. Seriously?’. There is no secret formula. You have to do something you believe in and pray that it comes out at the right time.”completed the actress.

What is the story of Madame Web?

In the new Spider-Man Universe movie, Dakota Johnson (Fifty Shades of grey) interprets Cassandra Webba paramedic in Manhattan, who begins to experience clairvoyance, that is, she begins to have visions. Forced to confront her past, she ends up reuniting with three young people, who are destined for incredible futures, if they can survive the threats of an even more powerful villain.

Who else is in the cast of the new feature?

In addition to Johnson, Madame Web still has Sydney Sweeney (Euphoria), Isabella Merced (Transformers: The Last Knight), Celeste O’Connor (Freaky – In the Body of a Killer), which represent different versions of Spider-Women.

Tahar Rahim (Napoleon) as the villain Ezekiel Sims; Emma Roberts (American Horror Story) as Mary Parkerthe mother of Peter parker; It is Adam Scott (Parks & Recreation) as Ben Parkerthe uncle of Spider mancomplete the cast.

Where to watch Madame Web?

Previously only available for purchase and rental on platforms such as Apple TV (iTunes), Prime Video, Claro TV+, Google Play, Microsoft Films & TV (Xbox) and Vivo Play, Madame Web arrived in Max’s catalog this Friday (21), at no additional cost to subscribers of the streaming service. Watch the trailer:

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Source: Rollingstone

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