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Former Employees Reveal Abuse at Gal Costa’s Home

Former Employees Reveal Abuse at Gal Costa’s Home

“Very humiliating. The person is hungry, he can’t eat,” the woman told Domingo

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Luciana de Souza Santos and Ed Wilson, two former employees of the Gal Coastfiled labor lawsuits exceed R$ 1 million against the estate and Wilma Petrillo, the singer’s widow. In conversation with the Beautiful SundayThey alleged mistreatment and irregularities in the professional relationship.

“Very humiliating. The person is hungry and can’t eat. With so much food there you can’t eat,” the woman said.

These actions could affect the singer’s assets. The lawsuits concern unemployment insurance, salary adjustments, 13th month payments, vacations and overtime. The lawsuit filed by Luciana alone seeks compensation of just over R$ 832,000.

In addition to the revelation regarding the working conditions at Gal Costa’s home, the woman said she had never seen “a demonstration of affection” between the singer and Wilma Petrillo, the artist’s widow.

This week, the Civil Police of São Paulo also concluded the investigation into the death of the singer, who died in November 2022, at the age of 77. The case was conducted by the 15th police district, located in Itaim Bibi, and the report was presented to the Public Prosecutor this Monday, the 1st, without charges.

Source: Terra

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