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Neymar Sings to Bruna Biancardi: ‘I Don’t Finish, Our Love Can Fight’

Neymar Sings to Bruna Biancardi: ‘I Don’t Finish, Our Love Can Fight’

The couple were recently spotted kissing at a Thiaguinho show

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Neymar declared his love to Bruna Biancardi with a song. In a video circulating on social media, the player recites the verses of Settings, by Xandy Lamonde. This weekend, the two were spotted kissing at Thiaguinho’s show in Sao Paulo.

“I won’t finish, our love could fight. We just need an adjustment,” Neymar said, pointing to Bruna. I wait:

Before the couple’s daughter, Mavie, was born, the two had been in a relationship for a year and a half. They got engaged, but it ended after the player cheated on Bruna while she was still pregnant. Now, it seems, both have tried to reconcile.

Source: Terra

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