Tuesday, August 16, 2022

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“Glad to know who I am,” says Suzana Alves of the ADHD diagnosis

On the day she turned 44, the actress did a social media report and let off steam

Suzana Alves told on her social networks that two months ago she discovered she had ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). The day she turned 44, Tuesday (3), the actress made a report on social media and she let off steam.

“At 43, 2 months ago, I discovered that I have ADHD and that it is a genetic condition. I have already won this far without knowing it and will continue to fight against everything that limits my path on this path. Motivations and not giving up. to my goals and dreams and get along with all people, “he wrote.

According to the former aunt, she was always hyperactive and impulsive and had difficulty controlling her actions. The diagnosis, however, brought relief.

“Faced with this new Suzana who has always accomplished so much and at the same time felt frustrated for having been like this without knowing it, but now, I have a diagnosis, I am still relieved and happy to accept myself exactly as God made me Easy in front of me? to a diagnosis that justified me so much “, concluded Suzana Alves.

Source: Terra

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