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Daughters of Pavel Tabakov – 2 years old: congratulations from Marina Zudina and archival photos from Sofia Sinitsyna


For two years now, August has been one continuous holiday with the Tabakov family. On the 2nd, the son of Marina Zudina and Oleg Tabakov Pavel celebrated his birthday, and today his daughter Mia accepts congratulations. The baby turned two years old and on this occasion her star grandmother and mother shared with subscribers a record number of photos of the birthday girl.

The taste for life and food is still inherited) Mia, today is your day! Congratulations to @yasinitsyna and @tabakov_pavel! I hope they understand how lucky they are to have you! The Lord and you have chosen them!! Blessings to you and your parents! Well, to everyone you have united) #birthday #mia #happiness,” wrote Marina Zudina on her blog.

Young actress Sofya Sinitsyna published not only a picture of her daughter eating a festive pink cake, but also a frame with balloons scattered throughout the apartment, and wrote:

Happy birthday, DOC MIA! My busya, my grunt, my cheesecake, my enviable bride, my hothouse flower. A mother’s heart is not a stone when I see you. Today it has become even more obvious that you have a very large family.

In addition, the ex-girlfriend of Pavel Tabakov posted more than a dozen archival photographs taken both during pregnancy and already during Mia’s life. And at the same time Sophia told a lot of rare facts about herself and her. So, while still pregnant, Sinitsyna flew to rest in Miami, and childbirth began at her home early in the morning.

I started giving birth according to the classics at 4 in the morning, so it’s still early, but Mia finally fell asleep after the injection and I already started to celebrate. That very year it was a very sunny day and I didn’t have time to eat, I went to wake up my friend, because it was ***** (not once) not like “a little more painful than menstruation” and I was hoping that someone all- does it for me! But she slept, because when Christina sleeps, the best things in my life happen, Sophia wrote in a blog.

The girl hinted that at first motherhood was not easy for her, and during feeding her breasts increased to the sixth size:

For the first month, I thought my life was over. But she has just begun.

She also noted that her daughter looks like her failed mother-in-law:

You look like Marina (Zudina – ed.), which means I’m calm.

Also, two frames of Mia with her father flashed in the story with the following captions:

Tough leadership!

@tabakov_pavel and the most beautiful weight)

Recall exactly Marina was the first to tell the news about the birth of Mia to the press almost a year later, but, as it turned out later, she herself found out about it only one month after birth babes. The girl’s parents Pavel and Sophia – started dating in 2017, a year later Tabakov and Sinitsyna played together in the film “How I became”, and broke up before the birth of their daughter.

Source: Hellomagazine

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